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Robotic process automation systems

Identify which highly repetitive tasks slow down your company’s processes. Optimise your organisation. Automatically control and trigger processes.

What does RPA mean?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology used to automate tasks. It involves developing, implementing and managing software robots (bots) that emulate human actions and interact with digital systems and software. 

In other words, bots can learn, imitate and subsequently execute business processes, based on previously established rules. 

The use of RPA technology must form part of an overall business strategy. This strategy must correctly identify those activities where process automation could add value, for example by preventing human error, and those where the contribution of humans remains essential.

Qué es rpa
Beneficios de la robotización

The benefits of RPA

Workplace happiness is rarely associated with unsatisfying, repetitive tasks. Instead, people thrive in roles that allow them to develop. This is where RPA systems add value, by enabling repetitive and monotonous tasks to be performed automatically.

The advantages of automated data capture include:

  • Greater agility: cut the time needed for tasks that can be automated from minutes, or even hours, to seconds.
  • Greater productivity: these systems can work 24/7 without needing a break.
  • Greater efficiency: the proportion of errors in an automated system decreases exponentially.
  • Rapid amortisati


Our allies for change

“We have been able to automate dozens of processes and cut the time they needed by 100%. The support, experience and dedication of the LIS Data team throughout the digitalisation and automation process has been outstanding.”

Fco. Javi García Villalón

CDO, Director of New Technologies and R+D Projects

Javier García Villalon - Asisa

“LIS Data and its technical team have helped us take great strides in terms of digital efficiency, thanks to data analysis and the development of tailored software, based on an in-depth understanding of our needs.”

Jorge Valero

Director of Applications and Data, AEDAS Homes

AEDAS HOMES - Jorge Valero

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