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We develop artificial intelligence solutions for innovative companies. Become more competitive and add value with artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to display similar behaviour to that of humans. It can be applied to many areas, including creativity, problem solving, learning and reasoning.

In short, artificial intelligence combines programming and data to solve problems. It is applied to fields such as machine learning and deep learning, fields which are often referred to together with AI, as they are formed of artificial intelligence algorithms designed to build systems that are capable of making predictions or classifications based on the data provided.

Qué es la AI
Usos de la inteligencia artificial
What is AI?

What are the applications of artificial intelligence?

Applications of artificial intelligence in INDUSTRY

  • Production planning
  • Predictive equipment maintenance
  • Artificial vision for production
  • Error prediction
  • Workplace risk prevention

Applications of artificial intelligence in LOGISTICS

  • Smart warehouses
  • Logistics dashboards and control towers
  • Order prediction 
  • Procurement suggestions
  • Resource planning for logistics operations 
  • Stock counting using artificial vision

Applications of artificial intelligence in TRANSPORT

  • Demand forecasting
  • Traffic order automation 
  • Transport planning
  • Spot pricing


Our allies for change

“We have been able to automate dozens of processes and cut the time they needed by 100%. The support, experience and dedication of the LIS Data team throughout the digitalisation and automation process has been outstanding.”

Fco. Javi García Villalón

CDO, Director of New Technologies and R+D Projects

Javier García Villalon - Asisa

“LIS Data and its technical team have helped us take great strides in terms of digital efficiency, thanks to data analysis and the development of tailored software, based on an in-depth understanding of our needs.”

Jorge Valero

Director of Applications and Data, AEDAS Homes

AEDAS HOMES - Jorge Valero

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