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Our website uses cookies (first-party and third-party) to ensure that it functions correctly, to show you customised content and appropriate advertising, to record browsing patterns and obtain statistics, and to develop and improve products.

Information about cookies and how to manage them, and in particular how to remove or block them, is provided below.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files stored on the devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) you use to browse. They are technical features used to store data and transmit information to the party responsible for installing them.

They allow us to collect information regarding aspects of your browsing (visits, type of browser, location, source and links followed, log in time, etc.) and to customise your visit, with a session identifier.

Cookies are thus essential for the internet to work, and do not pose any threat to your device or your system. Moreover, they can help us to recognise when we need to improve parts of the website and to detect errors in the way it functions.

Types of cookie

Cookies can be first-party (sent to the user’s device from the domain of the publisher providing the service) or third-party (sent to the user’s device by a party other than the publisher of the domain providing the service). According to how long they remain active, they can be session cookies (used to collect and store data while the user accesses a website, and eliminated from the browser at the end of the session or when the browser is closed) or persistent cookies (storing data on the device for a period defined by the party setting the cookie, in some cases as much as several years).

Cookies can also be technical (allowing the user to browse a website, platform or app and use the options and services provided), for personalising the visit (allowing the user to access the service in line with certain predefined characteristics, according to a series of criteria in the user’s device), for analysis (allowing the party setting the cookie to track and analyse the behaviour of those using the websites with which they are linked, using this information to measure website activity and define the browsing habits of users) or for publicity (helping the publisher to manage advertising space on a website).

What cookies do we use?

All website users will be informed of any change or update by a notice on our website. You can also obtain information about the transfer of any data to third countries by the third parties identified in this cookie policy in their respective policies, which can be accessed via the following links:

“Google Analytics” cookies: Click herefor more details.

“Hotjar” cookies: Click herefor more details.

Do you accept our cookies?

When you go to our website, a banner appears, informing you of the existence of cookies. It appears whenever necessary and when you access the Cookie Policy. Remember that you need to permit our cookies for our website to function correctly.

How to manage cookies

Any website user can uninstall or refuse to authorise the installation of cookies.

You can accept or reject the use of cookies via the settings panel we provide, which you can access from the basic cookie information message that appears when you visit the website for the first time, or whenever you visit the Cookies Policy.

In the cookies setting panel you can agree to the use of cookies or withdraw any previous acceptance of their use at any time and as often as you wish.

Bear in mind that, if you have accepted third-party cookies and wish to eliminate them, you can do so directly using your browser’s cookie management options, as we explain below.

Most browsers provide ways of managing the behaviour of cookies. To do this go to your browser’s settings. You can use the private or incognito browsing mode.

You can also use specific tools designed to block cookies and prevent them from functioning. These include Ghostery, Disconnect and Do Not Track Me.

For more information go to: . For further details of publicity cookies and how to administer them, visit (in the EU) or (in the USA).

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