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Data storage services

Selecting a good data storage provider is a crucial part of every company’s data strategy. Ensure your data storage is reliable, fast and secure:

What is a storage service provider and how do you choose one?

A Storage Service Provider (SSP) is a company that provides IT storage and related management services.

In addition to storing data, an SSP may provide back-up copies and periodic archiving services. 

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The advantages of cloud solutions compared to local storage include:

  • Improved usability and accessibility, with user-friendly interfaces that do not require expert knowledge.
  • Greater security and convenience. SSPs earn their living from data storage, so they use specialised cyber-security solutions to prevent errors and repel cyber attacks.
  • The cost is in line with the needs of each business, saving on structural expenses, as the company does not need to employ its own storage management team or invest in its own storage equipment.
  • File sharing is easier, and a cloud system allows multiple users to access data and synchronise devices without slowing each other down or putting data at risk. 
  • Scalability and flexibility. The storage adapts to the needs of each business, and there is no need to migrate data in order to implement changes or expand the storage volume.


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“LIS Data and its technical team have helped us take great strides in terms of digital efficiency, thanks to data analysis and the development of tailored software, based on an in-depth understanding of our needs.”

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