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Data capture

Get the most out of the company’s sources of information with a structure that fits the information generated.

What is data capture?

Data capture or data consultancy refers to the process of compiling information from any type of structured or unstructured document to convert the data into a legible format that can then be processed and analysed.

It therefore involves transforming information into data that can be analysed in order to increase knowledge within a company.

Different methods and tools may be used in the data capture process. Companies can use data capture tools that are compatible [with?], organise work flows and allow data to be transferred swiftly to the required recipients.


Obtain the benefits of automated data capture

Reduce errors
Reduce operating costs
Improve data security and storage
Centralised access to information
Greater availability
Improved decision-making


Our allies for change

“We have been able to automate dozens of processes and cut the time they needed by 100%. The support, experience and dedication of the LIS Data team throughout the digitalisation and automation process has been outstanding.”

Fco. Javi García Villalón

CDO, Director of New Technologies and R+D Projects

Javier García Villalon - Asisa

“LIS Data and its technical team have helped us take great strides in terms of digital efficiency, thanks to data analysis and the development of tailored software, based on an in-depth understanding of our needs.”

Jorge Valero

Director of Applications and Data, AEDAS Homes

AEDAS HOMES - Jorge Valero

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