LIS Data Solutions DIRECTOR Project: using AI to make strategic decisions

AI-powered decision making

Directivos de una empresa tomando decisiones

Company management teams often must make strategic decisions with little data or imprecise information about all possible scenarios. The LIS Data Solutions DIRECTOR project aims to solve this situation using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

AI-powered decision making

Our solution allows boards and senior management of companies to leverage technological innovation. Using state-of-the-art AI tools, we provide them with high-value information for decision-making at the tactical and strategic level. This information is processed and delivered in a collaborative environment between the user and a virtual management assistant, allowing the user to ask questions about any data of interest. Furthermore, thanks to a continuous information monitoring system, the assistant can work proactively, proceeding autonomously and notifying the management team of any risks or new opportunities.

Several stages to cover the data life cycle

The R&D DIRECTOR project is based on techniques and technologies that allow us to move from a data-based decision-making model to a AI-based one, AI being the main information processing element. Therefore, it consists of several stages that cover the entire life cycle of the data: data extraction, data analysis and processing, and presentation of the results to the user.